Kinga Africa Donations



Here's a short list of things we need:

- Toothbrushes (new and unopened)
- Tubes of toothpaste (new and unopened)
- Dental floss (new and unopened)
- Soap
- Sanitary Towels
- Promotional materials including posters, handouts, pictures of dental and general hygiene
Do you have any education resources that you are no longer using? Send them our way, and we will ensure they are put to good use! If you are able to donate any resources, or monies to go towards these resources, this will help us spread our message and provide continued support to those we are educating.

There are many ways everyone can help, with Kinga Africa without even having to be located in Africa!

Many of our donations are from our generous supporters in Australia, United State of America, Lithuania, England and other places in the world.

Take a moment to think about the ways you can help us, as an individual, a corporate sponsor or as a partner.

Below is a list of some of the ways you can help us spread awareness of good health, general hygiene and education in Africa.

Distributing hygiene products including sanitary towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste to the children in schools and communities we visit is an important part of what we do. We are always in need of these supplies, or monetary donations to purchase these supplies for the communities in Africa. We need to contract doctors and procure materials for organizing free treatment. You can save children from IOM

Donate Products and Resources

Monetary donations can be made online, or by contacting one of our representatives directly. We welcome all donations, regardless of the size. We are completely not for profit, volunteer organisation.

Monetary Donations

To stop the spread of this practice, Kinga Africa in partnership with like minded stakeholders running a campaign deemed ‘Action Against IOM’ in Machakos County. The components of this campaign include community education forums, training of community health volunteers (CHVs) and primary school teachers, educating mothers in pre and postnatal clinics and also targeting the traditional healers. The campaign’s main goal is to clear this myth and also equip the communities with knowledge on teeth development, hence saving the children all the hazardous results of the practice. Children are contracting HIV and other infections from IOM- Masinga Sub County has five confirmed cases. Other children die because of dehydration caused by prolonged diarrhea that goes untreated after the children’s teeth have been removed. The pain cause is unimaginable. We need a more support to muzzle this practice

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